Dealers that do not care about follow up business and support of their products Hidden Domain Info Internet!!. This is the second time I have contacted them for support of a scooter that I had purchased through them and the second blow off in 3 years. Below is the Email I submitted with an honest and genuine concern and their response. I purchased the Superstrada ss300 from you about a year or so ago. In that time I have had 3 instances where the scooter failed to start until letting it sit for 2 hours. The instances were when I ran low (not dry) on fuel and going up a steep incline? No this is actually the first time anyone has told me of this problem and not have a 3 to 4 year old scooter with close to 7000 or more miles on it. I sold plenty strada ss300 scooters and none of the customers complained about anything except that they want the back rest. wow! if Id of known that Id probably not of bought it.Does this happen on every scooter? I had a full tan

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