This issue is very similar to that reported on Jan 6, 2016 by FOG-GYU – Elizabeth Warren. | I put an ad in craigslist for an old fireplace mantle. This gal responded via email only, that she would buy sight unseen, for the asking price plus $50. Assume she was out of town. | We corresponded vai email and she advised the money was being sent and included shipping. I replied that shipping was not included in the CL price of the item and that it was loceted in a store where she coould pick it up. She wanted my phone # but I ingnored that request as her actions now seemed strange. | The next day she said via email the money had been sent and as soon as it was recived she would send me the shipping contact for me the send the shipping info to and pay them. I told her to contact her shipper for pickup as the price did not inclde shipping. She send another eamil and I replied that I belived she was a scammer and I was reporting her the the authorities; and that her mail address had been blocked. | Today i recived a FedEx package with a check in the amount of $1,600 from Stetson University in Florida enclosed. I traced the tracking # and it was from Honolulu. | The FedEx origin is Amazon.con KYDC in Seattle WA 98109. | I’m going to call them on Monday as well as the University. | I am not going the cash the check as it’s clear that all they want is for me to send money the their shipper!


Name: Blenda Barnes

Country: United States

State: Hawaii

City: Honolulu


Phone: 897-654-6754