My wife returned home from Paul Blevins’ office (her attorney) today crying and shaken. She has always complained that Mr. Blevins was condescending and very rude to her, but apparently, today’s experience was approaching abusive. | My wife is an African-American woman who went to Mr. Blevins for a modification of her divorce from her ex-husband. As I said, she has always complained to me, in private that Blevins was rude and patronizing in the way that he speaks to her. However, today he crossed the line, and because my wife will not let me go down to that office and deal with him in person, I am spreading the word about this so called man. | The situation is that Blevins approached my wife with a settlement offer from the opposing attorney. My wife refused to settle and told him that she wanted a hearing on the issues because, in her opinion, they are serious issues. On the day of court, Blevins, again, brought an offer to my wife that was basically the same as before. Again, she refused. At this point, in the courthouse, Paul Blevins began to rant to my wife that “this judge doesn’t like to do hearings” and “the judge sent me out here to settle this matter!” My wife, being the strong black woman that she is, stood her ground and let Blevins know that she doesn’t care whether the judge wants to hear the case or not. She wanted a hearing. | At this point, Paul Blevins became irrate. He took her into a conference room before raising his voice and telling her that she is an uneducated woman who does not have enough sense to get out of the rain, and that he is not going to ruin his relationship with the judge or his reputation for some “half-witted porch monkey who doesn’t even live in Mayes County.” | I am at a loss for words! We chose Mr. Blevins because of his reputation as a professional attorney with a winning record. I am so disappointed and irrate that it probably is best that I not visit Blevins office. I will be taking this matter up with the Oklahoma Bar Association and telling my wife’s story to all of Mayes County.


Name: Blevins Law Office Inc

Country: United States

State: Oklahoma

City: Pryor

Address: 110 N Adair St,

Phone: 918-825-4750