On May 22, 2004 I was on line waiting to return movies I rented. I have had problems in the past dropping videos in the return box and then being charged late fees. To avoid future problems like that I wait online and have them scan my videos returned. nThere was a lady in front of me who had a stipulation on her membership that said she needed to show a picture ID, which she did not have on her. She sent her child to get her ID from her husband. Ok well there were about 7 people waiting on the line with me, so I suggest to the clerk that he handles the rest of us while we wait for her ID to show up. Sounds like a fair and logical suggestion right? nWell apparently not to the clerk who responds to me with sarcasm and outright rudeness that the lady has every right to the same service as the other customers, and if I was impatient I could just leave the videos in the box. So I tell him that’s not an option because of the problems in the past. He says “That’s your problem then.”” That’s bad service right there but wait it gets worse. nFive minutes go by and the lady still has no ID. The others in line with me are also getting annoyed by now

and another clerk comes up to the counter. Does she open another register? No

she goes to sorting movies on the back counter. Ok

so I ask again

and the clerk gets rude again and tells me “”Well since you can’t be patient