Complaint: I saw an add for better, and cheeper TV reception. So I got on it and was going through the process of ordering. and found at the end it would cost too much, I couldn’t afford it. so I got out of it. I did not finish the order. I got the merchandise any way. So that is when I called them, to get a pre-paid return label I was told that I didn’t need to return it, and I was not going to have to pay for them. I opened my Discover card statement, I found 5 charges. 3 for $130.00, 1 for $144.75, and 1 for $22.53 on May 13th. So I was lied to, I was charged for something I didn’t order, and was charged on a Discover card, that I did not give them permission to do. FRAUD all the was. Plus I wasn’t informed that there is a limit to get all of the stations promised range of 30miles, I live 100 miles from any big city to get reception.

Tags: Internet Fraud

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