Blue Fakes is a 100% ripoff. When you first call they will take your order as if you can pay with credit card. Then someone will call you back and say they are having a problem with hteir credit card system and will offer you a discount for the trouble but tell you that you have to have a money order and they will send COD. The watch I received was not what I ordered nor did it have a lot of the features that they claim they have, such as the chapter ring, dual hacking movement, certificate of authenticity etc. It has worked now for a couple weeks but who knows for how long. It is supposedly swiss movement but I don’t know.When I called about receiving the wrong watch they said that they would mail another out. It never came. Now they hang up on me or send me to voicemail. I have left 10 messages and they never call back. Their phone system now knows my number and shunts me to a message that says mailbox full and hangs up. When I call from another number they simply hang up after I say why I am calling.Save your money. They are liars and cheats. Buy a real Tag.

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