I cannot speak to the construction ability or quality of work as it pertains to nBlue Haven Pools as they never completed there commitment to me at the very nInception of my pool design process. nI must say it felt from the very beginning as though the individualnI dealt with was neither warm credible or particularly knowledgable in poolndesign. I am sure he is and was but I think he was simply going thru the motionsnas he would any sales lead. There was no enthusiasm drive or excitement. Just a matter of fact, blasaienAttitude of I know everything and you know nothing.nAll this would be well and good but after measuring my garden and doing a site visit, nothing!nNo emails, calls or communication of any kind, despite a couple of attempts on my part to reach out and ask when I might see his ideas, thought and suggestion!nWhat can I take from this, I don’t know, only that my business was not important enough I guess, nStrange in these uncertain economic times.

14867 Hwy 55 South, Tyler, Texas United States of America

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