Hired Jim Hansen through Blue Jay Way Galleries to restore my rare Beatles album and have not seen a completion of service with my album returned. Jim confirmed to receive my album and payment on 2/3/15 and was very responsive about what needed to be done and details of the restoration. Over the next year he assured me the project was moving along and progress was being made, but could not tell me an estimated delivery date. The last comunication I received from him was over a year ago on 10/1/15 after many attempts to contact him. The number given on the website is never picked up. His wibsites boasts the best turnaround time in the business, but I think over two years and counting is not living up to the advertisment. | From what I have read online Jim has been the expert in this type of restoration for years, but recently I have seen complaints of unprofessionalism. I am unsure if he has become too busy or lazy to complete these jobs or just out right criminal by taking peoples property. | I will be taking legal action of this is not resolved quickly.


Name: Blue Jay Way Galleries Texas

Country: Bulgaria


City: Cedar Park

Address: PO Box 2553

Phone: (512) 762-1196

Website: www.bluejaywaygalleriestexas.com/