This company claims to be a 100 percent owner operator company with no force dispatch. The company claims they will pay you 73% of the gross and charge no trailer,tag,escrow or insurance fees. Right after orientation I was fired because I didn’t accept a refer load paying 0.95 cents per mile lol. The owner Eran Blitblu told me that I can go and find another carrier to work with since I can’t pull the load. I told him that’s fine,I thought it was no force dispatch and it’s my truck I pay $3000 a month for not yours,he then went on to say this will affect my DAC, I’m still trying to see what he is gonna put on my DAC. I never touch a trailer of theirs,never did anything. I have all emails and text from this guy. I then said to him if I see anything on my DAC that’s not suppose to be on it I will file suite faster than you could think. Bottom line,This company is force dispatch even though they claim to be an all owner operator company. Don’t waste your time, cost me $350 to deadhead my truck to Texas and back home where they do orientation at the truck stop. This company is a joke.

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