Blue Marlin Motors Took my Deposit and Would not sell me the Car ! Stuart Florida!!. Contacted Blue Marlin Motors three weeks ago on a 68 Mustang I was told to give them a deposit after we agreed on a price. The salesman Glen put me at ease and assured me I’d get the car so I immediately gave them a $2000 deposit on my American Express card this was a Friday afternoon late and my plan was early in the week to go down pay for the car Monday was a holiday and the banks were closed and Tuesday morning on the dealership was closed. I tried all week to contact the company and the salesman even call the business next-door to find out they had all been run out by the sheriff. I was given a total nonsense story about gas leaks and fraudulent bank lpans by the owner in a begged me to wire him payment in full on the car. Zero Integrity… I told him I was going to come to Florida pay him cash for the car and leave with the car and the title is the only way I would do business. They then proceeded to give me the runaround for the next three weeks while taking deposits from other customers on the same car. Thank goodness I used American Express as I contacted them and they reversed the payment immediately. I contacted the Florida DMV the dealer licensing division and was advised by them not to do any business with blue Marlin motors as they were under multiple investigations and would not have a dealer license much longer Beware if you must deal with this place…….

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