blue oval industries blue oval racing on ebay! buyer beware! avoid avoid avoid!!!!! elkton Virginia!!. JEEEZ where to start with these yo yooos. first of all just do your reasearch on these scammers! they have the worst reputation! look on google! they are known for ripping people off. i wish i would have done my research before i ordered anything from them! they sent the wrong parts and incomplete parts at that! my customer ended up leaving before i could complete the work due to blue oval slow shipping time then sending wrong parts! my customer was not whilling to wait another 8 days for the correct parts to come in and be installed. when i called these lowlifes they acted like i was in the wrong. i called the state attnry general of VA and the local police dept where they are located. the local PD said they get many phone calls about these two brothers and there is nothing they can do at this point. i cant believe they can get away with runing a business like this. the way they talk to to you when you call? i took them to court local to me and no one showed up from blue oval so they were found guilty by defualt. i filed against the with the pithonitarys office but still have yet to see any money! the bottom line is avoid avoid avoid! use reputable part sources like summit or jegs!

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