We have been interested in buying a Savannah cat for some time and when we saw that this website www.blueskysavannahcats.com #570-397-3762 was offering a sale, that also included shipping, so we submitted for a kitten. The website seemed legit and they offer a 100% refund guarantee. After answering a few online questions we received an email informing us that our kitten would be reserved and once they received payment we would receive delivery information. We were even provided a reservation number. Well payment was made and we did in fact receive tracking information from seller. We looked up tracking information and that as well seemed legit, as it provided everything you would normally get with tracking info. www.intermobilepetrelocators.com #724-803-3873 Well later on in the day, we received a notification from transport company stating the kitten could not be transported as the crate was not suitable and we would have to either rent or buy an acceptable crate from them. I tried contacting both the transport company and the seller multiple times but no answer. So I left the seller a voicemail informing him that we needed a call back from him ASAP. The next day, my husband received a text message from the seller stating that it was not a scam, so I try to contact the transport company again. They finally answer and he stated that he was been trying to contact us since the day before. I informed him that we were not responsible for any additional costs for shipping and that if there was an issue with the crate that should have been addressed at the time the seller delivered the kitten to them. I told him he would have to contact the seller and make additional arrangements for the delivery. I then asked for his name and he responded that they would contact me later, I asked for his name again and he got irrate with me and again said they would contact me later and hung up. I have sent the seller a message informing him that per his website, shipping was included and that if he was not willing to pay the additional expenses, we expect a 100% refund. But no response from him.