Complaint: Dave Corredor and Rebecca Clower of Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica are selling buildable lots. Buildable lots does not mean a house or business will ever be built there. These lots have been ready and waiting since somewhere around 2008, without any new houses being built. Now Dave Corredor and Rebecca Clower would have you believe houses can be built. Maybe. Personally we doubt it. We would recommend anyone considering buying one of these lots wait for the house to be built. That is the only sure thing. Otherwise you may find, as many others have before you, that you have a lot upon which a house never will be built. Even were they to start building again, Playa Grande runs out of water every March, and starts running low in January and February. The local endangered turtle population has fallen from about 800 to less than 40 in 2013. Do you want to contribute to the extinction of the turtles? Do you want to take part in destroying Playa Grande? If you do want to contribute to the elimination of the turtles, maybe you too should buy a lot from Dave Corredor, your local unlicensed real estate agent, or Becky Clower, a licensed realtor whose company disregards Costa Rica law, selling and renting properties in complete disregard to Costa Rica law. For full details see my previous report: Bluewater Properties Or visit the site Dave Corredor and Rebecca Clower of Blue Water Properties disregard Costa Rica law to sell property and please new owners. All Costa tenancies have a minimum term of 3 years. Rents in UD dollars cannot be raised during the 3 year term. Tenants must be given 90 days notice before the end of the term if the owner wants to end the tenancies or increase the rent. Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica has been flouting Costa Rica laws to sell more real estate. They get over because they speak English! English Speaking Buyers feel they can trust English speaking persons. Can you really trust Blue Water Properties? I think not! Caveat Emptor. Beware. In Costa Rica even taxi drivers sell real estate. It is very difficult to find an honest agent! Houses near the ocean typically sell for much more than comparable houses near the ocean in Florida would. For more details on the turtles in Playa Grande Pay particular attention to this part: u201cBefore You Buy Many developers are selling land to unwary foreigners. Small water front lots, large parcels behind the beach and land on the hills overlooking the beach are for sale. Be aware that construction in the park is not allowed and construction on lands outside the park are restricted by the management Plan for the park. It is illegal to cut the vegetation in the park. It is illegal to place structures in the park. it is illegal to enter the Park except in designated locations, especially at night. If you buy a lot along the beach you will probably lose it to the government through the process of eminent domain.u201d

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