This company operates under a wide web of various names and identities. The key to know your will absolutely be defrauded is that they will only accept U.S.P.S. Money Orders. However I have been in touch with the Los Angeles Field Office of the FBI and utilising this method of payment to defraud consumers opens them to criminal interstate fraud liabilities. They use numerous addresses including 175 E Lafayette, 138 E Lafayette and others. 138 E Lafayette is a Holiday Inn. Their watches in particular the Rolex Daytona is a cheap lightweight knock-off’s from the streets of Hong Kong. Mine did not function whatsoever. The photos depiscted on their website are in fact direct opies from legitimate Rolex dealer sites. Then they superimpose their name over the top of the image to make it appear it is theirs. I am pursing both internet fraud and fraud through interstate commerce charges against these “people””. Here is a life lesson…if you want a wtach that resembeles a Rolex

then save up and buy a real one

these things are cheap junk.”

138-E Lafayette St. New York, New York United States of America