BLUE GREEN VACATION TIME-SHARESnIt may be long but a very good readnRecently my husband and I visited a Blue Green Resort in Michigan. I signed us up for a presentation. I wanted to know what is was all about and the $100 in gifts helped. We were greeted by a young man who took us up to the 2nd floor. He tried making small talk with us at first. We then just asked about the ‘bottom line’ about the program. nSo we let him talk for about an hour about all the services he took us on a tour of one of the condo’s. We went back and then began a talk about packages. They showed us various packages ( $9800=8,000 points bi annually, $24,800=16,000 anually points and $32,400=20,000 anually) this did not include $123 administrative fee and the maintances fee which ranged from $450-1500 yearly(they also reserve the right to raise the fees 2.5% yearly). If you finance thru Blue Green they charge 15.6 percent on to the over all cost for 8-10 years. They also offer a credit card from there company. nAfter speaking with a few sales reps. we stated we wanted to discuss the matter in private. We are very concerned with our credit standing. We are going to buy a new home and did not want to affect our credit. My husband’s concern is there any difference on how everyone is treated (where people are on the food chain). Also I received no answer about what a gold/silver member was when I asked. nWe told him our concerns his response was:nHe said we can roll the cost into the new loan or hold the contract for 45 days so nothing would be posted. He also told us he did a ‘soft hit’ on our credit (it must have been good for him he was very happy) that we where also approved for the credit card. No contract prices could be held for a year the prices increase on Jan. 1st. He said we can do a sampler package (which is a membership) for 1 year 9000 points for $995.00 and this could be financed at 15.6%. Cannot be used June, July, August and no holidays and limited resorts. He said ‘everyone was treated the same’. After 3 hours of talking.nWe understood the restrictions. We took the sampler further reveiwed the information in the contract and felt this might be a good test run. We went back to the room reviewed more of the information which was included in the book and felt based on the points we received we would not get a trip we are always accustomed to. We also found out there is a pyramid of who can book. Gold members on top can book 13 months in advance, next Silver and book 12 months in advance, and then everyone else can book 11 months in advance of a date. The SVC member I could not figure out(but the first floor had another sign-up area with more posh set-up). We received alot of help from your web-site and Forbes (which the quoted a positive rating but when you look at there stock values they are only $6.60 a share when we checked). We read the contract about cancellation and found out that we could not go back to where we signed the contract to cancel. We did return the book to the location where we signed. She was very pleasant and reveiwed the contract about the letter, but she did see we took care of that aspect. We wrote a letter sent it out certified mail to Boca Raton the main head quarters post marked before midnight within the 3 days which state law allows. I have to say we did have a pleasant stay at the resort (pool was small okay for kids) but we where hardly in the room but to sleep. But if you have a large family 8-10 (grandparents,grandkids, mom, dad,cousins and babies alike)you vacation with it is a deal. You can pile everyone into the room as our neighbors in the next condo did. When we travel we like to see various areas and move around. The package was not for us and thru the comments it helped us realize the overall cost(lost) and to take care of canceling quickly so we are not stuck. Thanks to all who posted their comments. But we are still waiting for our refund. There contract stated we would receive a refund in 10 days we called to check. They confirmed receipt of the letter but told us we had to wait 45-60 days for a refund. Most “good standing”” companies refund in less than 30 days. They are already violating what they have in their written contract! nChrisnDESPLAINES