BLUMENTHAL COMPANIES, BLUMENTHAL DRIVELINE, BLUMENTHAL TRANSMISSION, BLUMETHAL, DAVID JOEL BLUMENTHAL Paid for a service that we didn’t receive. Ripped off. OKLAHOMA CITY Oklahoma!!. Blumenthals FAILED to properly engage the overdrive control lever into the corresponding flat machined into the overdrive control shaft. This lever has a “finger” on the end that must be properly indexed into the corresponding flat on the control shaft in order for the sun gear to be moved in and out of engagement with the planet gears thereby giving either overdrive or direct drive. From the moment of our arrival, Dave Blumenthal was very pushy about insisting that we pay to have the whole transmission rebuilt, which was already done and therefore unnecessary. What we sought was for them to simply install (correctly) the separate overdrive unit onto the back of the transmission. We brought the transmission home and after noting that the overdrive lever was not able to

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