Fees Hidden in Terms and Conditions


My Complaint: Blur Group is spending over $50,000 a week advertising in Google for terms like Web Development, Copywriter, Marketing Company and often appears at the very top of search results. When you go to their page, they ask you to fill out a simple form to get you in touch with experts that will help you with your project. You don’t provide and credit card information, but you do provide your project budget. Hidden in their terms is that as soon as you submit that form, you are obligating yourself to pay them 10% of your project budget whether you choose to use their services or not! I was a victim of this among countless others. Every time I submit a negative review about their company, they immediately report it and it is blocked. I received a bill for $2,000 even though they did nothing for my company.


My Demand: Want them to show me that I have a zero balance and that they won’t be sending me to collections.