Complaint: Thursday march 15 2012 at 330pm i was asked to leave by Mall Security the Bob Evans Restaurant located on the mall property. The officer said I had harassed an employee the day before. He did not know who or what sort of harassment. Friday march 16 2012 i contacted eastwood mall Security in Niles Ohio by phone and was told that i had harassed a mall employee in the mall itself on Wednesday march 14 2012. No name was given to me of who was harassed nor who reported the problem to mall security nor why mall security did not respond while the alleged incident was taking place. i went personally to the management of the eastwood mall in Niles Ohio and was not allowed to explain my complaint. The manager never called back with any information like an official complaint against me.I then contacted mall security and they said i was NOT banned from the Mall property. When I called Bob Evans in Niles they said they were instructed by Mall Security to refuse to allow me to eat there. Mall security refused to contact Bob Evans Restaurant and tell them that i was NOT banned.Mall security then revised their story from one employee harassed to many employees and many witnesses. Again no names would be released to me of who these people are. Some concerns: 1] How did Mall security identify me as the accused? 2] How did Security know that I was at Bob Evans Restaurant 1/2 mile away from the Mall itself? 3] Why did Malll Security say to Bob Evans that I am banned and then tell me the very next day that I am NOT banned and yet refuse to clear that up with Bob Evans so i could return? 4] Why did mall Security stage a high profile eviction of me in front of customers and employees of Bob Evans to ruin my reputation and embarass me? 5] Why won’t Security give out names of persons involved?

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: 5413 Youngstown Warren Road niles, Ohio United States of America


Phone: (330) 652-6600