On Friday April 4, 2014 my 88 year old father-in-laws lift chair’s back stopped rising forwaqrd so it was left in an almost flat reclining position. Once we found out about the problem my wife called Bob Mill’s Furniture in Lubbock and spoke to a lady named Brin. She told Brin the importance of the chair since her dad couldn’t get into his wheel chair or out of his wheel chair unless the lift chair worked properly. Nearly 3 years ago he had 2 strokes in the same morning. They left his right side crippled to a large degree. Anyway, Brin gave my wife a repair services phone number. Also Brin told my wife that she would talk to her store manager the following day (Saturday) and would get back with my wife on that same day. In the meanwhile my wife calls the repair company’s phone number and only got an answering machine saying they were closed for the weekend. She left a message for them to call her. They never did return her call. On Monday (April 7, 2014) I waited until afternoon so that my wife could give someone concerning Bob Mills in Lubbock could call her. That never happened so she asked me if I would go ahead and try to take care of the problem and I said I would. Around 1 PM I showed up at the store and asked to speak to the store manager. He was out so I spoke to the Sales Manager. She accompanid me to the office of Brin – whom my wife called on Friday- to see what she could do to expedite the service. The sales manager told Brin to contact their repair service to get us help ASAP. Brin was doing that while I was there. I also told them to have the repair person call “my cell phone number”” 30 minutes before showing up to do the repair. Iexplained that I would be there because of my father-in-laws physical condition. On Monday evening I was called and told that the serviceman would be to my father-in-laws between 12:30 pm and 3:30 pm on Tuesday. Anyway

on Tuesday I had not received a call by 3 pm so I called the store and asked where the repairman was. Adrian called and found out that he was abou 20 minutes away from my father-in-laws. I went on to my father-in-laws to wait. At 3:50 pm he knocked on the door. I told him to come in and asked why he hadn’t called. He showed me his work order and showed that he had no information telling him to contact me. Anyway

I called to ask Adrian why he didn’t call. I was put on hold and during that time she called the repairman while I was standing near him to ask him what was going on. When she got through talking to him she spoke to me and said he had “”called her””. I told her she was lieing because I knew she had called him. She argued and then agreed that she calle dhim. After all that he said he didn’t have the part (hand control) that he needed and that it could take 2 weeks to get it because Bob Mills Furniture had to order it for him. I told him that I knew it wasn’t his fault. After he left I came home and waited until the next day to go to the store tosee the Manager of the store ( Christian Smith) . He got busy and found out that there was an identical chair in Amarillo and said he would have it picked up Thursday (next day) and would have it delivered on Friday. While dining Thursday evening a computer voice message was sent to my wife saying “” the chair will be delivered between 6:30 and 8:30 am on Friday. I thought the 6:30 part was a bit rare for a home delivery time. Anyway I got up early and arrived at my father-in-laws by 6:15 am. Nothing happened until 7:50 am after the driver called my wife and gave instructions so they could find my father-in-laws residence. They wre suppose to call me. I gave written instructions to the store manager on Wednesday along with my phone number for them to call. They never received that information from the Store Manager. Anyway

after the chair was delivered I thanked the delivery men and waited unt 10:am when the Bob Mill’s Store would open. At a little after 10 I went in and asked to speak to the store manager. After a few minutes he came and listened. I thanked him for the new chair and complained about having 6:30 am as a potential delivery time. He said they had no control over the delivery people because they were contracted. I said that is pretty poor business if you have no control over the people who work for you. After that he bragged about going out of his way to get “”a brand new chair”” . He said the repair part would take 2 weeks so he located the chair to help me. I said that it seemed that “”a medical lift chair should have a priority because people who need them buy them. I said they are not a normal piece of home decor””. He acted like he was a hero for what he did. I told him he wasn’t – that he was only doing his job. Anyway I think we were treated poorly and that Bob Mills should rethink how to prioritize medical lift chair repairs if he is going to sell them. I also told the Manager that I would never buy anything else there and that I would discourage others from doing the same. After almost a week my father-in-law got back the use of his lift chair’s back working properly. He was happy about that. My wife used a credit card to purchase the chair.”

6000 Spur 327 Lubbock, Texas USA