Bob Penkhus Volvo Mazda MAN did I get RIPPED off too! Colorado Springs Colorado!!. Same thing happened to me too about getting ripped off on my oil change plan. Then I called them up to because after 3 hours of dealing with them to buy our vehicle they had a aftermarket warranty added in with or oil change plan. At the time it seem like a good deal but when I went to canceal it 3 days later, they said we couldn’t because we signed paperwork saying that they only way it could be cancealed was if it got totalled or repoed from us. What a gaint SCAM this is, so I called the finance manger and he said it was my problem to deal with. I also have a problem with everytime we set up a appointment for a oil change it takes 2 hours for the oil change to happen. So last time I was in there they said I would need rear brake pads soon. Well last week my wife went in there for a oil change and 2 and a half hours later my wife finally said enough is enough give me my car. The service manag

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