Bob Tyler Toyota Took advantage of my daughter Pensacola Florida!!. PARENTS OF YOUNG COLLEGE STUDENTS/CHILDREN – BEWARE OF THIS DEALERSHIP – PLEASE READ BELOW. Email sent to Owner of Bob Tyler, Mr. Tyler has not responded as of yet. Dear Mr. Tyler: I am contacting you in reference to my daughter . I have been in contact with Kevin, about the issue I am about to discuss with you. My daughter brought her Toyota Corolla to your facility approximately thirteen days ago, with a issue involving the front end of the vehicle vibrating. Your technician told my daughter (after driving the vehicle), that she needed new tires and this would solve the problem. Your expert technician also told my daughter that she was lucking she made it to Florida without a major problem, (my daughter moved back to Florida from North Carolina), your expert technician told my daughter that the tires were splitting and the metal was showing through. Your expert technician never showed my daughter the tires and told her once the tires are replaced that the problem would be solved. Great right? Wrong, when my daughter left your facilities and $600.00 poorer she got on the Interstate and the problem was still there. My daughter called your facility back the next day and they could not get her in until this morning (March 23, 2017). After further review of the problem your expert technician told my daughter that it was not the tires after all and now her Front Differential needs to be replaced. However, says your expert technician since you had 49,000 mile on your vehicle you needed new tires anyway. I immediately contacted Kevin Savage and Mr. Savage called me back about one hour later and said he was not going to do anything because his expert technician said she needed the tires. Mr. Savage also said that he might be able to find her tires (are you kidding me) and let me look at them. He is going to go to a pile of tires and pull out my daughter’s tires, right. I am a professional person, I hold a Degree in Business and a Degree in Accounting, I am not an idiot and I refuse to believe that your Company and your EXPERT TECHNICIAN did not take advantage of my daughter. I do not care if she had 49000 miles on her car the issue was the vibration, not the tires. If your employee was doing his job correctly he would have test drove her vehicle to make sure that after the ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY TIRES were actually the problem. The funny thing is that I actually told her to go to your company, because I bought my car from you, never knowing that my daughter would be taken advantage of. My daughter is in College and I a single parent and we just do not have money laying around and we make every penny count, and then this happens. We are not rich and it is a shame that my the my daughter was taken advantage of by your staff. I asked Mr. Savage to come up with a solution. My solution is to reimburse my daughter for the tires she did not need. Mr. Savage said, sorry but I can’t. That is why I am writing you. You should know that I am not going away, until we come up with a solution to the problem. I will wait for you to respond. Sincerely, Lisa P.S. So I asked THE EXPERT TECHNICIAN if it was safe for my daughter to drive her vehicle this weekend because they have to order the part and can not repair her vehicle until Monday. THE EXPERT TECHNICIAN said, “yes”, I have copied and attached the following information I found on the Web in reference to Front Differential. I really think your Expert Technicians need to be better trained. Complete failure could lead to total disabling of the drive train, which basically means your automobile would completely lock up. Victims who have experienced this problem on the highway have said that youu2019ll be lucky if youu2019re able to get your car to the side of the road.

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