I can confirm the statement of the Tribecca Landlord. Ms. Lemmons sold several of my paintings. She avoided telling me of the sales. When I confronted her face to face she paid me 1/48th of what she owed. nHer total debt to me was $48,000. Eventually she only paid me for about 20%. This has gone on for 4 years with no payments at all for over 3 and a half. n I believe I am one of many artists ripped off by her. The sum of all the losses from other artists must be astronomical. Unfortunately we are not members of a group that exchange this information. n One an individual basis the costs of fighting her legally are overwhelming. I am sure there is nothing to regain trying to squeeze a lemon. Better is a warning to other artists as to what they are getting in to. nI have met the purchaser of two of my paintings. He clearly paid Lemmons Gallery in a timely manner and is of no fault. Once the money gets in her hands she robs Peter to pay Paul. Beware nIF YOU ARE AN ARTIST STAY WIDE AND CLEAR OF BOBBIE LEMMONS nAmong the many, DanielnKyotoJapan

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