Bobcat Corporation; Toolcat, Doosan Corporation Does not answer letters, telephone calls, does not repair unit West Fargo North Dakota!!. Purchased a new Toolcat 5600, the unit had mechanical problems safety issues the manufacturer does no answers written letters to thier corpaorate office nor do their field reps return your telphone calls. The dealer trys to get answeres but the manufacturer treates them the same way. Sent them a certified letter return reciept the letter and the return reciept is sent back by the USPS as refused acceptance. Cannot get any assistance for any resolve to the issues. I was offered by the dealer saleman to take the unit back and return our trade and monies, when I drove to the dealer a to advise them that I wanted to take them up on their offer, well it has been over two weeks now, no answers, no return, no one talks to me or provides answers. What is a person to do already?
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