bobcats Road Warrior 250 Trike warranty is no good and is no longer being sold Sacramento, CA 95825 California!!. Bobcats powersports advertised the road warrior trike as having one year bumper to bumper coverage with no excuses—I ordered one on Sept 30 and recieved it on Oct. 12,2015. The rear end was leaking and had to be replaced in Dec. 2015. Part was sent with no problem. The front tire went bad next ,and I replaced it myself at my cost—Next the fuel pump went bad and again, I replaced it at my cost.–Then the headlights shot the first time I used them–Next the rear tire blew out and I replaced both at my cost–Over 400 dollars in parts and labor at my cost–The bike had 799 miles on it and the transmission locked up and broke the clutch cable . I contacted Bobcats power sports and Beth said to remove the engine and she would send a shipping label to mail it back to the factory for repair.—-That was on June 21 and here it is August 17 and I still dont have a simple address to return the engine for repair. At 799 miles a new engine should be in order, but I would settle just to repair this one. Lifan does not stand behind their warrany, and recently ,shorten the warranty to six months I was told by a lifan rer.–Bobcats also said that The road warrior 250 trike was not being built any more–Bobcats power sports,,Lifan,and Ice Bear are not to be trusted.

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