on May 25, 2015 I purchased an entertainment unit, a 3 piece living room table set, and a 12 piece bedroom set from the bob’s in Langhorne PA. Delivery was set for June 6. The delivery truck arrived and one of the end tables wasn’t able to be assembled. The coffee table’s main support was cracked. The door on the dresser was scratched. The door on the entertainment center was missing and the interior side was damaged while they assembled it. They delivered the wrong beds. I drove back to the showroom and was assured everything would be handled. I then received 3 separate deliveries. One for the living room tables, One for the dresser and to pick up the incorrect beds. One for the entertainment center. The correct beds were on back order until July 18. I received 3 more deliveries, One for the footboards. one for the rails and one for the headboards…. (this entire time my babies were sleeping on their floor). The delivery for the headboards arrived and the man called me out to the truck because both headboards were damaged. I called the store manager and she promised they would be out with new headboards by wednesday. She called me that wed morning to tell me that the headboards were now back ordered until AUGUST 15!I told her to send the truck. I wanted a full refund. I was returning everything.The truck arrived and literally dragged the furniture out of my house and threw it onto their truck. They damaged several freshly painted walls in my home. They damaged the trim around my door frames. Their truck ripped several branches off my tress and they drove on my lawn. and on top of ALL this, I have to wait 7-10 days for a refund!

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