Was charged ~ 2500 for 7 sessions of body slimming package which resulted in close to zero effect, lost only 1kg.. On top of that, was scammed to buy more stuff like heat rub at 100 plus to make it more effective.. But not effective at all.. Staff shows no compassion and just ended package just like that after 7 sessions… Now I’ve signed up with another weight management company who only charges 600 plus for 10 sessions which includes 1 box of complimentary coffee as well… Don’t ever sign up with them if you are in the market to look for a slimmimg package because they don’t deliver results and prices are exorbitant compared to others.. Results may only come with them probably if you are willing to spend hundreds of thousands going for endless sessions.. It’s advisable if you look into other slimming companies that do not overcharge and are more effective Regards, Norsiati

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