I ordered a “free sample”” of face cream for just paying shipping of $5.95

they sent a bottle some while later. I used it and found it was nothing special. There was nothing on the advertisement that I answered (I did not go to their website) saying this was a club or I would receive additional shipments or the high price if I wanted more. nI had a charge on my credit card of $5.95 and $49.95. I called and disputed the $49.95 and the it was removed. My credit card company did not have a contact phone number or me to call them and neither did I. I could not even remember their name. 2 months later I got a package from them which I refuse. nI never got another package but I got a $55.90 charge on my credit card. I disputed it and they took it off. Now I see it was put back on

the credit card company said they sent me a letter to send them something showing I sent the package back

but I never saw this letter! nNow they say they can’t take the charge off due to time lapse from the letter they sent I never saw. They finally after I begged them changed my credit card number but said I must pay this $55.90 for which I received nothing. nI finally found a phone number (thanks to goggle) and called this company. They were very hateful and as much as said “”Too bad you have to pay it anyway””. nConnienWaco