BOLO Auto Repair BOLO the Puerto Rican thief. Not a reputable or knowledgeable mechanic , brought my truck in for a head gasket and ended up with a valve cover oil leak. Passaic New Jersey!!. Brought my LandRover Discovery to have the head gaskets done, we agreed on 1200.00 he was paid in full cash cause he did not want to take CC or a check or he would have to make me pay tax. After the head gasket was done, the truck had no power and needed to be programmed by a real tech who he knew. My truck never leaked oil but after the head gasket was done it started leaking from the valve covers which had to be removed to remove the heads, you would think that a real mechanic would replace 25.00 valve cover gaskets once building the head back. I took him the truck three times and has just tightened the bolts but refuses to address replacing the valve cover gaskets. I’m done with this guy, better to walk away from this issue and address it with a real qualified mechanic than having to get into a physical issue, I have lots to loose he has nothing. JUST beware, don’t trust this man unless you 1. Have everything in writing 2. Don’t pay him unless you are 100% sure your problem is fixed or nothing else has been created because of his repairs. FYI he never wanted to give me a receipt for the work he did. I remain

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