Just found out 2 days ago that my husband of 17 years (22 years together) has been cheating with this homewrecker. She KNEW he was married with 3 young sons. She’s apparently married too but living with her husband like they were separated for the sake of their teen son. My husband is a musician and apparently this whore likes to go to the ends of the earth to watch my husband perform. Yes, we have had troubles in our marriage but I didn’t think he’d do this to me. I caught him talking to her at 2:30am in a remote part of our home. When he saw me he said it was his friend”Jeremy” neither of us know a Jeremy. I heard her female voice over the phone. I took his phone called the number back after he quickly hung up on her. She answered. I asked, who is this? She hung up. I called again…from his phone. She never answered. || They’ve gone on dates, concerts, restaurants together. I work M-F and am out of the house for over 11 hours a day. When I’m not working, I’m driving my kids to their respective activities. I clean house, laundry, cook, shop, finances. Therefore, whenever he’s asked me out to wherever he’s playing, I’m truthfully and literally exhausted. He sees that as me not being interested. I know the gigs…I did it for years before our kids were born. He just hit 50 and can’t handle it. Dressing young, dying gray out of his hair, working out, losing weight. I’m not stupid…all the signs were there. I asked periodically and he lied about everything. So he went for it with this whore who threw herself at him until he relented. || I feel so so so hurt. My world is upside down. I feel like blood is going to explode out of my skin…anxiety attacks, panic, no sleep, no eating, constantly crying. I HATE HER SO MUCH. I’M IN SO MUCH PAIN. SHE’S FORCED ME TO FIGURE OUT WHAT THE HELL I HAVE TO DO WITH MY HOME, FAMILY, FINANCES AND SO MANY OTHER LITTLE DETAILS OF OUR LIFE!!! I want to hurt this whore so badly. I know my focus should not be on her but I feel destroyed. Now I have to consider divorce, financial split with an asshole husband, detrimental effects on my 3 sons. All my dreams of family vacations, growing old together…that’s all gone. I don’t know where to go, what to do, what to think. I want to scream and beat her. I realize it takes two to tango and he’s completely and equally at fault. But she KNEW he had a wife and kids and she never stopped! || I asked my husband if she’d ever been in our house. He said no, she has too much respect for that. UN FRICKING BELIEVEABLE!!! Are you kidding me??? She’s the lowest piece of shit.(Removed). God I hope karma pays her a visit.