Let me start by saying this girl was the love of my life I did so much for her and forgave her for so much, she use to cut her self and instead of calling the Parmedics I chose to patch her up my self, not once but twice 2nd time is when she smashed her hands thought a glass window…she’ll tell you I beat her but I never once did I may have held her down or tried to keep her from hurting me or her self but I never beat her or sent her to work bruised and battered. I fixed her teeth when I fail head over heels for her she had meth mouth and I’m pretty sure she never stopped using meth but besides that I got her three vhechels a scooter that she left out to be stolen, a car she didn’t get insurance on and got T -boned and another car that I didn’t get the out of state title changed fast enough to her liking so she had her grandparents get her one. She gave me a STD and I believe she was useing birth control behind my back so we could have a child…either that or fighting off more STDs she never stood up for me when. It came to her friends or family the whole time we where together she was wrighting love notes to her now new bf Nick Coppage. || I’m sure ever time she visited AL she was fucking him behind my back…there was so meany red flags but she knows how to lie soooo well and maybe it’s just because I loved her so damn much…moving on I had a great job great pay so we got a house near her elderly grandparents she said need her help Sooo badly we had to stay close to them. So we did we had two dogs and two cats I bring this up becuase my dad died 2 months before her trip to Alabama to meet up with Nick I found out that she had fucked him on her rag and she pled with me that she wanted me and not him that’s why she came back he had nothing to offer her he was a 2 time felon she ever smashed her phone got a new number and all. so shortly later my dog Titus dies. Are dog Sam wich I have put so much time and worked very hard to turn him in to the dog he is now was stil around with are two cats (cats she brought in to the relationship not I) a day after x-mad and a week after my mom starts her fight with breast cancer Bonnie leave me with a dear jhon letter and blocks my phone number later down the line she finally starts to return my calls she’s taken Sam and left me with the cats the water and electric is about to be turned of becuse the whole six month she hadn’t paid a time on any of it yet promised over and over she would help. || So we start talking and I tell her I forgive you for it all I only want my friend back and if you need anything just ask (huge mistake) seems Nick wasn’t working and Bonnie was bullion most of the slack she hade me out about 75-100 ever week in her account. For about a month or so…then with out warning she blocks me agian and delete me from Facebook the day before Easter! And for a lil bit there o got here to start talking to me agian then boom agian outI do the blue she changes her number delete my lil brother wich turly looked up to her on Facebook and even delete her email…she use to tell me no matter what your such a huge part of my life I will never lose you you’ll always be my friend….all i want to know is why the lies?