I’m writing to report an apartment scam in Palo Alto, CA. I suspect that the scam is based outside of the US as the person had an accent and broken English, though I don’t know for sure. The website has around 8 different listings in the San Francisco area and Florida. | It looks very legitimate and includes physical addresses that match the online photos. The person we talked to was very thorough including a rental application, lease, parking details, etc. | They even provided their bank account info, which is as follows: Wells Fargo, Edward Shehan, Accnt #: 9196885199, Rtn #: 055003201. Their phone number is (640) 835-3214. Website: bookwc.com. We paid them $4200 and do not expect to get the money back, but simply want to alert others of this scam.


Name: Book with Confidence

Country: United States

State: California

City: Palo Alto

Address: 2120 Williams St

Phone: 1-650-835-3214

Website: bookwc.com/