Complaint: I wanted to try auto-binary and went through a site called virtnext to use their software. they recommended a broker called Binary Book and I signed up. I know the risk and wanted to try it anyway. After trading through virtnext automatic robot I started to loose money and decided to do it manually. I logged on to Binarybook’s site and took a manual trade through Virtnext. While the trade was running I realised that the amount on the Platform and the actual amount on the open trade platform ( the one that counts) differ in Binarybook’s favour. Although I was lucky to win the specific trade I realised that what happend is unethical. And how many other traders on their platform this happens to and none realised it. I went through my previous trades and noticed that I lost 5 trades within 3 days with-in the amount difference as per my last trade. While the trade was on I took foto’s as proof of the difference to be able to back me up. I did appoach their complaints department but they are not willing to listen or accept responsibility. They only claim that the market is volitile and it can happen. But in a volitile market their Platform should still refleck the same amounts. Luckily I have proof and also send it to them but they still claim market volitility. Is there anything I can do to get them to trade honestly. I am not bothered about the money lost, but about how it was lost and also how many other traders lost the same way. Thank you

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