I reserved a room at the Holel Pennsylvania in NYC via Booking.com for three nights. Upon arrival, I wanted to change the reservation to just 1 night. The Hotel said Booking.com had to do it. I called Booking.com, and they emailed the hotel (supposidly). The next morning I checked out. I still got charged for all three nights! Second time. reserved a room at the Congress Plaza hotel in Chicago for 1 night. I cancelled the reservation but was still charged for the room. I NEVER, EVER unless I know 100% that I will be someplace do something without the ability to cancel. My schedule is disrupted too often. That was over $500 i was scammed out of. I will never use this site again. In general you can get the same or better rates by calling the hotels directly as I have learned, and will do in the future. This is a scammy website. They make you think you can cancel but you can’t.

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