I purchased a BOSCH AQUA STAR TANKLEES WATER HEATER A LITTLE OVER TWO YEARS AGO. It broke. I hired a plumber who said he works on bosch tankless water heaters, he fixed it. He informed me that the BOSCH warranty would not cover LABOR and only cover parts that they deemed bad. This meant in order to get the part covered I would have to hire a BOSCH CERTIFIED plumber which are very few and far away to come to my house diagnose the problem over the phone with bosch tech support, ship the part off for verification, and IF verified by Bosch they would return a new part. This could take 3-4 weeks. VERY FEW PEOPLE/PLACES STOCK PARTS. Bosch wants me to take cold showers for a MONTH. Thats crazy. I paid plumber for the labor and parts. It broke a second time. This time I called a different plumber. He started with how bad the bosch warranty is and concurred with wahat I was told earlier. He fixed it and took a couple hundred more. It broke AGAIN (3X’S). The third time I sprang for a BOSCH certified plumber. He came and diagnosed it as a bad hydro gen ignitor. He replaced it and it didnt work. He them replace the thing that the flame comes out , it did nOt work, he then replaced the regulator, it worked KIND OF. It got reasonably hot but the exhuast blower would not work. He said it was the best he coluld do. That cost a few more hundred. By now I have spent nearly $800 in labor and some parts. IT BROKE AGAIN (4) times now. A called a plumber, he said replace it. I did. No plumbere this time. 89 DAYS LATER IT BROKE AGAIN. I called bosch to tell them I was sending it to them. The refused to accept it for an exchange. They said I had to go through the process I have already been through so many times before. SCREW THAT. I bought one off ebay with the extended warranty and I have hot water. In fact the water is hotter than ever. To To recap I have now bought (2) bosch aquastar water heaters. The continually broke. Bosch warranty is insulting and useless. NEVER BUY ANY BOSCH PRODUCT. Most of those plumbers say even their washer and dryers fail frequently. I know Bosch automotive electronics suck, I used to sell them. BEWARE OF ANYTHING MADE BY BOSCH!

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