Thursday I moved a Mon move. After the move was confirmed I went to work. I received an email later that night that said FYI they wanted to let me know that they add 1/2 hr before and a 1/2 after to pay for the travel time to and from the shop… I thought it was a little slimely that they hadn’t included that in the bid but decided I would have accepted it if they had so I shrugged it off. I received an email the next day (Fri) that they had booked someone else into my time slot because I had not confirmed… I PANIC’D… What I said, and I forwarded back the confirmation information I had sent. He responded that because I hadn’t responded to his FYI travel time charges email that I was not going to proceed!!! I told him that was crazy and it was FYI and he hadn’t asked for any response and that I needed the service. He referred me to another mover! LIKE I WOULD TAKE A REFERRAl FROM SCUM!!! AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE. I hired CMS Movers and they are GREAT!


Name: Bosley Movers LLC

Country: United States

State: Minnesota

City: Coon Rapids

Address: 951 120th Ln NW

Phone: 612-701-9700