There is a mandatory 10 cent bottle deposit on each container in Oregon. BottleDrop is a private company that does all the processing and redemption of beverage containers in Oregon. They have a drop off program called “BottleDrop Express green bag”. You fill up a bag bought from them with empty cans and drop them off at designated drop off sites. | You stick a label on the bag before dropping off and the funds are supposed to be deposited to your account within five days. I have dropped off around 35 bags since creating my account and of those, have had 4-5 that never showed up even though I followed the instructions such as not overfilling bags and applying the label securely. I had about the same number that did not credit within the duration they promise. There are people on review sites and forums voicing the same exact concerns. | I’m forced to call, because I am not getting deposit refund despite returning the containers per the instructions. I got the runaround with the most recent call. I was told “you have had a lot of adjustments”. The calls I had to make because of problems entirely on their end. Such as BottleDrop losing my bags, or not paying my deposit on time. I am really frustrated. If there were other companies that provided the drop off service, I would switch, but I don’t have a choice. BottleDrop is the only company given the right to provide this service by the State of Oregon.


Name: BottleDrop Redemption Center

Country: United States

State: Oregon

City: Oregon

Address: 14214 Fir St

Phone: 877-912-2019