I ordered a yorkie from Boucanyorkies.weebly.com. We would only text message. I asked about talking on the phone or emailing and they text Sorry? I asked about a Facebook Page. They didn’t have one. I asked was they a legitimate company with real teacup yorkies. Answer was yes. I even mentioned that I hope this wasn’t a scam. NO. They had me to put a $500 deposit down on puppy via wire transfer with Western Union online. The money order was sent to Julia Thompson. It cost me a total of $549. I waited for a receipt and was text again that I will receive all info. I tried calling both numbers. They text back and told me not to call them again and they want refund my money. I told them that I was reporting their website. They said they will just change it. This has been a horrible experience that I don’t want to happen to someone else. I know I want get my money back. I don’t even have a email address. They will just open up another website and keep scamming innocent victims out of money with their cute puppies. Thanks, Shirldine Smith