Complaint: On September 16th 2009 Kenneth M. Stone and I went into the MMJ business together and bought the starter equipment on the Harvest Manor Credit Card and started the grow in his Landlord flat at 1444 Folsom. I met him through my mother who lived and rented apt 116 in the building. We then rented a new warehouse on 47th and broadway behind The Tire Stop. We also started growing the next phase in a house on Wonderland while waiting for the Dec. 1 2009 occupancy. I configure the grow install the grow and grow the product which the first batch of 278 plants grown and finished and in Jars on April 20, 2010 and proceeds to lock the door to the grow and sets up the dipensary. I gave my caregiver rights as well as two other family members to grow and provide for us and all he did was steal it all and set himself up with my knowledge and my configuration and hired some lackey workers who may not know the pedigree of business they work for. I asked for 50k to go away but he hasn’t paid and now he must be put under a microscope.

Tags: Drug Dealers

Address: 1750 30th st Boulder colorado 80302 boulder, Colorado United States of America