The website advertises Dr Pozniaks ability to prescribe a home recipe food diet for calcium oxalate bladder stones for canines which was what I requested an appt for as my Yorkie had surgery 11/4/16 for a life threatening urine blockage. She only recommended the commercially sold Hill’s and Royal Canine Prescription food. (I viewed cases of this food were in stock in her office.) When I told her I would cook food for my boys diet she said she would have to research and only referred to these commercially sold prescription diets. She could not even recommend whole food supplements that were safe but only her homemade herb supplement which she charged me 15.00 for. She took MY research documents and was not even aware of what high or low oxalate foods were!!! What!!! She also charged 37.00 to cut his nails and trim the pad hair!!! WHAT!!! Although I told her my Vet had done a complete urinalysis on 12/19/16 she requested a urine sample to check for crystals. Her tech walked with us outside and with an antiquated soup scoop caught a sample-which I then had to hold the scoop while he pulled it into a syringe. She charged me 15.00 for this service and then 42.00 for the urinalysis. WHAT!!! In all the visit requested was for food therapy for calcium oxalate stones, which she had NO CONFIDENT recommendation for other than the commercial product, cost me 201.00. DON”T GO HERE!! The underwater therapy tank is in cobwebs!! She needs to retire before she does anymore damage with her antiquated methods and research.

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