Ashley has moved across the country under multiple business names, celebrity puppy boutique. Longest list of alias world class yorkie, nightingale bullies,world class bulldogs,ms puppy connection, puppy petite boutique,dream maker kittens. Used to be in mississippi but after the attorneys general office reviewed many complaints Public record) | Ashley signed 2013 violated mississippi consumer protection laws through deception and misleading representations, requiring her to pay back $17,000 to five different families. There are dozens and dozens of families posting photos of the puppies she advertised and the puppies they actually received. You can go to pissed consumer website as well as complaints board and squeeky wheel, better business to find scores of scammed customers. | The saddest reports are about the puppies that have died during transport to the buyers. You can also do a search right here on scamion forum to find years of reports dating back to when she was involved with large breed dogs.


Name: Boutique Teacup Puppies

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Houston


Phone: 1 888-743-0325