Complaint: Beware of these Jerks! I bought a stereo system for a friend as a surprise birthday gift and paid to have it installed at Boww Down. First off they haggled me big time and of course tried to rip me off on all the items I had purchased just like any other stereo place. I know the drill on how they operate as far as sales go so I haggled back. Anyhow, I got what I needed for the most part and had the items installed. The day after the items were installed the problems started. 1st the amp fell off the back seat and all the wires fell out so I had to take the car back to have them properly mount the amp and wires. Then the same day I took the car in there for the amp and wire problem…another problem…. the radio kept turning off on it’s own and would come back on when I restarted the car again. I needed to take it back again so they could fix yet another problem but didn’t have time with my busy schedule so I waited 2 days to bring the car back in. At this point, the radio then started staying on by itself when the car was turned off and the keys were out of the ignition. I took it back so that they could look at the car and fix it. Supposivly they said it was fixed and that there would be no more problems. We continued to have problems with the stereo. Buttons wouldn’t work occasionally, stereo stayed on sometimes, turned off by itself every now and again and if it was working and froze up we had to keep hitting reset to keep it working and be able to change the channel or volume. We never had any problems with the other stereo we had in there before this one so we figured that they had just sold us a defective/ refurbished head stereo unit and that it was not that big of an emergency and that we would take it in there and have them replace it when we had some more time to waste sitting in there yet again. Boy were we wrong. To make a long story short…these idiots hooked up the stereo half a*s and didn’t use any connectors on the wires, twisted and taped wires together to wires that shouldn’t be together which caused a huge short in the radio wiring that triggered another slew of shorts including the frying of the main electrical harness for the car. There are melted wires, completley fried wires and burnt fuses that just melted. The car is now inoperable and has $1500-$2000 worth damage to it 100% due to the negligence of these people. I have had 2 different electrical mechanics look at this car and they both said that it looks like a 12 year old kid mickey moused with the wires. They both traced the shorts to the stereo wiring and way the stereo had been installed. The owner refused to look at the car for himself, pictures taken of the fried wiring or talk to the mechanics. The owner refused to give us his name and told us “Let’s just say…that I don’t have a name”” but yet says he doesn’t want to see pictures of the faulty wiring they did to the car

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Address: talk to the mechanics or even see the car in person because he is soooo sure that it’s not his fault. This incodent could have killed my friend had she been driving down the street and the car went ablaze in a electrical fire.Thank God we caught it before that happened. These guys are rotton people and should not be allowed to be in business. We will be going to court on this matter. If anyone else has expierenced any similar problems with these people let me know. It would be greatly appreciated! S Costa Mesa

Website: 949-5487483

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