Bp car wash Demolishon man Brooklyn, New York!!. I went to this so called car wash for a regular car wash procedure and result was catasrophic.I am driving a H2 hummer what has electric mirrors which you can fold in and out .I asked the guy who said that he’s the owner of the station who calls hiself”Johnny”.I call him a demolishing man that is the better word.He told me it’s not necessary because it has enough space for my truck inside.I left him to drive my car in the carwash byhimself and now I am thinking it was a mistake.This guy didn’t know that how to fold in my mirror because he closed them manually by force what made the motor to give up and I had to replace it.It cost me over 400$.The dealer price is double than this.So I had to take action against his business on the court and let everyone know how bad business is going on there.When I asked what happened with the mirror he said that it was broken before and he can’t do anything about i

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Bp car wash