BP Gas & Repair Sam the owner Scammed, Ruinned my front end 1998 dodge ram rochester, New Hampshire!!. Recently Bp and gas repair had done work for me in the past with no complants. Sam the owner had set up an appointment in november for a pre inspection, when I found out that there was a buster tie rod lower control arm on drivers side. Additionally his mechanic Chris told me I need a new front end. So began a long search and called about twenty differrent parts place they advised at the dealership to find a used axel so i found one then that fell through due to rust. Then i asked Sam at Bp gas and repair being a friend of mine he said he would see what he could do. then I stopped by on Janurary 8th he told me he need the money up front I gave him 300 dollars. Two weeks go by and he still has my money and no part then the mechinic Chris requested he could weld it by the hour I agreed he said it wouldnt take to long. I gave my keys to him he picked my truck up and i got it back the very next morning. He told me i owed him 174.00 i paid 175.00 he then proceed to tell me that i need a four wheel drive axel accutwaiter that cost 200.00 now keep in mind he said part of the 174.00 was part of him installing it I agreed however i couldnt have him put it in cause he had vehicles and i had docters appointments. So I went back to Sam and told him that i paid Chris and he proceed to tell me Chris never told him about the money, i got concerned. Then asked for my 300.00 for the axle he said he would have to straighten it out with Chris I said fine I was concerned we were friends. My Uncle Denis whos the owner of the truck wanted to see the work when i showed him he noticed that chris mesed up the entire job the welds were very bad and the the metal on the drivers side had a two inch gap and he had painted my spring just on one side and strut and left the otherside completely un painted. I told Sam at this point he said he would call me so he and I plus chris would sit down and talk. Then I found out that chris was now charging me for 11 hours at 40 an hour. I told them I would like mey money back for the two parts I paid up front well i got neither instead i was screamed at by Chris and same even after showing him said it was finished. I said what he had snuck next door to my apartment and put in the accutwater cause its easy to install and then proceeds to tell me that he did on the day he worked on it when i had seen the part on the table two days after the job and now wrote a receipt for housing. Im baffled I dont know what to do and could use legal advice

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