Ordered the “The Magic Of Mickey Mouse”” Diamonesk Embrace Ring at the beginning of December for my daughter for Christmas .When it got close to Christmas

wondering where my order was (after I ordered my other daughter a music box from them for Christmas and they shipped it to the wrong address but I will write a different compliant for that.) I looked online to see that they had changed it to not being shipped out until January 31st! Surely if they would have informed me that it would not be available until the next year I would not have ordered it! After calling them and filing a complaint some how

some way they ended up shipping it out earlier and I received it YESTERDAY! but the quality of the ring is HORRIBLE.100% not the ring they advertised online I will provide a photo of what they sent me

it was so bad. The picture online looked high quality like they used a computer togenerate the photo of Mickey on the ring . The ring I received had a poorly handpainted barely recognizable Mickey on it. It looked nothing like the ring I THOUGHT I was paying $119 for .The quality was at most the quality of a $25 dollar ring. It is so bad I’m wondering if they sent me this one because I complained about them shipping my oldestdaughter gift to the wrong address or because I complained about them not being able to ship out the ring until January 31st and not notifying me about it. I just can’t believea company that SEEMED legit would post photos of a ring and then send you something completely different. I will never order from them again and I will be posting this review on every website I can so consumers won’t end up jipped and lied to like I was.look at the photo I provided of what they REALLY send you. Surely if they were honest and posted a real photo of the ring they were selling I would have NEVER paid 119 dollars for it! Just look at the photo

would you? If you order from Bradford Exchange the photo I provided shows you the quality of the products you will receive.Clearly they believe in FALSE ADVERTISEMENT.I’m just happy websites like this are available to expose companies like bradford Exchange who take advantage of their customers.There is no excuse!”