Complaint: My truck was previously looked at be Mike at bradley ford- we both agreed it needed head gaskets and head studs- I was given an estimate for repairs and over the next few weeks saved up enough to get it done- I drove the vehicle in on its scheduled appointment date and time- discussed the repair with mike- he knew i wanted head gaskets and studs put in- i told him the priogramming on the fuel management was not stock- he said it was no concern to him as he was just replacing the gaskets. I specifically asked if he wanted me to upload the stock program before i left and he said No! Back at work confident my best work truck would finally be whole again- I received a call from this idiot mike!!! He called to inform me he had blown up my engine- turbo and intercooler stating the turbo ran away on him. At first i thought he was joking but then found he was not- I asked – how did that happen in the 60 ft from where i left it to his bay !??He told me it happened on the test drive going uphill at 70 mph. Now i was upset – I asked what was my truck doing on a test drive ? and i told him about the programming ?? His comment was he test drives all vehicles before service and his computer overrides my programming- Bottom line- He did not know anything about the computer programming – My truck was run beyond its capability with a program that was optimum horse power with an engine that had known blown head gaskets– his computer did not over ride my program engine temperature at the exhaust ran over 1700 degrees- melted 2 pistons and cracked block and heads Turbo is just fine- it pushed so hard it actually blew up the plastic intercooler! Here is the best part- This complete idiot was able to limp my truck back to the dealer under power with no air cleaner about 5 miles on the sandy Arizona Highway – he did not even get it towed!! Had a meeting with Tom The owner of the dealership and Mike and their clown of a service manager – while they agreed they blew it up- and it was determined mike only thought he over rode my program- and they agreed it should not have been taken on a road test- best they offered was their cost on a new engine- about 16 grand- about 4 grand more than a 2005 F350 even blue booked for !!! to add insult to injury – made me sign a statement that i would not sue before they would let me TOW MY TRUCK HOME

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