After 4 back surgeries my husband and I did some researching and thought we had found the perfect mattress. The Brigada Vellaggio with a “Lifetime”” warranty and such bold statements as: “”Strongest Warranty Every Bragada mattress comes with our strong lifetime warranty. Our mattresses are the best quality and we’ll prove it to you. Since our factory has been building mattresses since 1958 you know we’ll be here if you ever have an issue. Remember

a warranty is only as good as the company offering it.”” After 2 years my husband now sleeps in a divot that conforms to his body and is 4 inches deep. He cannot rollover

turn or get out of bed without first sitting up and using his arm strength to reposition himself. He weighs about 205lbs. I wake serveral times in the night with severe back pain

though my divot is only about three inches deep. I weigh 135. I ususally am in so much pain by 4 am that I go out and sleep on the couch. I contacted Brigada and this is what I was told I needed to do to before they would consider our mattress for warranty: #1 Donna explained to me over the phone that I would need to wait at least 4 hours before I measured these divots

to give the mattress time to rise back up. Funny