Brakes Plus You don’t need your vehicle. Brakes Plus will take you for a ride! Centenial Colorado!!. I no longer have a car. can someone give me a ride? Brakes Plus allready took me for one ride! Well at least this will save me some money that usually gets spent on gas. Yessiree bob. took it in to have the brakes changed and now have a car with a ruined motor. How did that happen ?..check out other complaint sights. it seems a lot of people take a vehicle in for something minor and well read the reports on the net. i wouldn’t want to miss quote. you will definetly get my point! Every person i get to NOT go to Brakes plus will be hundres of dollars they do NOT get yes hundreds. read around on the internet. seems to be no such thing as a simple brake job at brakes plus! You people can pull you legal crap with what you write on paper customers are to busy to read work orders OR just assume you are an honest company but things allways. well what goes around comes around.

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Brakes Plus