This whore is married with two kids and at the time 6 years ago she worked with my husband as a manager at Buffalo Wild Wings in Watertown. She gave my husband some sob story that her and her husband were having “issues” So just to make it very clear I know they are both at fault my husband took it upon himself to flirt and play grab add with her for a while, and then she took it upon herself too take it a step further when they were closing one night and she lead him to her car and that is where they fucked around. To me this makes me sick and the two of them had no class because right next door was around hotel. I mean if your going to cheat cheat where no one can see you or whatever. Anyway she is a walking std and she deserves too be acknowledged and found out what kind of a filthy whore she really is. They only got caught because I was signed into his messenger and her was looking too hook up with her again and I read everything the two were saying.