Complaint: I just recently hired him on my boyfriend felony case and he was horrible and unprofessional at time he appeared without receipt book. He would show up smelling like smoke. He did not show up on time for the hearing and was not there for deposition that was being held.He was not in the best interest of his client. He said that he made offers to the prosecutors and he never did. When we did decide to take a plea he basically lie about the detail and made my boyfriend tesifty when clearly expressed to him he did not want to. My boyfriend did not recieve the plea papers until the day of the trial so he was unware of the condition. While my boyfriend was in county jail for almost one year and he only visited him about 3 times and he would mostly approach me about money. They would be times where there would be pretrial or deposition and I would call him and he would be MIA for almost months but he wanted his money he would blow my phone at any time. I orinally hired him for a bond hearing and he charged me 5,000 dollars and i stuck with him and he charged me 2,500 for the trial. He did not conduct no depositions he depended on the co-defendant to do all the deposition. On top of that he did not provide my boyfriend no papers on the what happen durning the depo’s. When i ask them for it, he said yes he would give them to me but he never did until acouple of weeks before trial which was unable to open . I can not quite understand how he became a lawyer. The bar needs to rethink him being a part of the Bar. I really want my money back because he did not do nothing but take my money and stand in court for show. I honestly believe that if he was not my choice of my boyfriend would have been out for the birth his child and would not be facing all the time that he is facing. He is a con. I am going to make sure that people know him because this lawyer is playing with people money and life which is not right.

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