In early March 2018, I was watching a YouTube video created by Brandon Belcher (Internet Marketer) at the following link: . In the video, Belcher advertises an automated niche blog that the owner can use to post ads and generate income. The blog cost was $199. Initially the blog was set up and delivered 2 days after I purchased it on March 4, 2018. There were problems with the site from the beginning, as I was unable to post ads to it. When I contacted Belcher initally, he said he would look into the problem and get back to me. That was when the problems started on March 8, 2018. I checked back with him on the May 10th and he asked me to send me the blog url address again, so he could check into it. I checked back with him again on May 13th and he sent the following email message: | “Hey how are you? We are currently moving ALL blogs to a new company due to major hacking with our old company. Should take just 2 more days will keep you updated then I will be able to take care of you :)” | So EIGHT DAYS LATER I followed up with him again. He waits 2 days and gets back with this message: | “Hey YES thankfully we’re currently working on setup now 🙂 Will keep you updated” | This went on and on the same way as I checked back with him on April 11th, 17th and 23rd. Always the same tired response asking for my blog url and saying he would let me know when the blog is ready. | Belcher became upset with me for continuing to reach out for more information on the setup and led to this set of messages: | On Apr 25, 2018 3:32 PM,LEX wrote: | Hello Brandon Will you please send the login information again as I did not receive it?? Alexey | On Apr 24, 2018 10:17 AM, LEX wrote: | I’m glad that the blog is complete. Thank you for letting me know that.The only PROBLEM at this point is that I don’t know when or where the login info or other access information may have been sent? I have not received it. Would you please resend the information? I understand you are very busy, as am I. As this is blog figures into my business pursuits, I am serious about it. I’m certain that if you out yourself in my shoes and you were waiting on a component of your business plan to be completed, you would advocate for yourself and I am no different. I would never expect you to remember our previous conversations. Lord knows I don’t remember every conversation I have or email I send. I just thought your emails probably showed up in a chain/thread form, where you are able to refer back to what has already been said. | On Apr 24, 2018 8:31 AM, wrote: | Your blog is COMPLETE, so what is the problem? I also sent your login. I am a very busy person and deal with Thousands of people so I don’t remember every conversation. | Needless to say, Belcher stopped responding to me and the site that he sold the blog site to me through will not get involved in issuing a refund. To this day, I continue to reach out to him, but Belcher has refused to either provide me with the automated niche blog that he promised or issue or refund. I would advise anyone thinking about getting involved with him to beware.



Country: United States

State: Alabama